When changing date fields, make it mandatory to add a reason for change?

I have searched the forums and cannot see another one for this use case;

In our main roadmap view, we have a big team (10 project managers) using the same one board.

Whenever a date is changed (often) we want to make it mandatory that the user who make this change MUST add a reason for the change (e.g. the date change can’t be done without a comment being added.

Ideally the ‘reason’ needs to be free text as it is different each time, not a set few reasons that could be a drop down.

Is this possible?

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Hi @TLRF ,
I had a similar request, but instead of dates, I wanted to require an update when a status was changed.
Require an Update Based on Status Change - #3 by kaylak Here is that community forum with some more details, it does not seem that Monday has a good solution for status and I assume similar results for dates.

Thank You for the info!

I’ve been searching for a solution to this exact thing as well. Would be good to know if Monday or anyone in the community has a solution to this.

I’ve logged a feature request to Monday.com so fingers crossed it gets some traction, as would definitely be very useful for us! Feel free to go give it a vote if you would also get value from it :slight_smile:

Hey there!

This is a good feature request!

Have you ever thought of an automated update being created notifying the owner of the line that date has been moved and reason needs to be added. This could then trigger the status to change to ‘waiting on reason’ so you can track these as well. Once update is created, it can change back to default working on it status.

Could be a fun workaround until you get what you want! If you need help with that just reach out as I have other ideas as well!

Mike B
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