Restrict status change if certain columns are empty

Is there a way to restrict board users from changing a status label until certain other board columns are populated? The use case I am facing is that I’d like to prevent board users from approving invoices prior to filling in other necessary info such as Expense Code, Department etc.


hi @Zachk11

That is currently not possible.

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There is an ugly way of getting close to a solution. Firstly, ensure the Status label column is protected for editing by regular users (therefore ruling out manual changes). The expense code should be set-up as a column that can be edited by an automation when changed, department should ideally be a status column. You can then create an automation that updates Invoice status based on a change to the Expense Code column assuming department is filled (using an “only if…” condition) and vice-versa. This would not have any quality check e.g. selection of incorrect expense code for department X. Another way to do this is to use separate boards to progress the item through data completion steps, whereby invoice approval is only available as a column in a final board which is pre-populated with the necessary column fields (items are moved between boards once data is changed in each column). I believe there is an app in the marketplace that provides a more effective solution.

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