Is it possible to define columns as required?

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We want to be able to validate data in the columns before an item is moved to a new group within an a board or from one board to another.

For example if I move an item from one group in my Sales Pipeline to another, I want to be able to ensure that certain columns are populated before I can move it. The move would be based on a status change. So the rule would be “You can’t change this status to XX till you have completed columns X,Y, & Z”

Ideally the ability to have mandatory / required fields would solve this, but as this is not a feature yet, what options are there for validating data.

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I had a look at the dependency automations, but couldn’t see an option that would allow me to

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In order to review and validate the data, you can add another status label to the status column, “review required”, which the relevant members will need to set once they populated the relevant columns. Then, you can set an automation for being notified was the status changes to “review required”. Then, you can review the item and change the status to the relevant label for moving it to the other group / board.
As an alternative, you can use 2 different status columns, so the editing permissions of the relevant status column which determines whether to move the item will be restricted only for you.

In addition, you can use forms in order to make sure all the required fields are populated before the status is changed. This can be used as a workaround in case all the required fields can be filled in at once by the relevant users.

Also, the “Workflow App” allows you to easily create and visualize a structured workflow process, with required columns and custom permissions. I encourage you to explore it.


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