How to create required fields when an item is moved to a stage or other trigger

Hi - Before an item moves to the next stage, we would like to be able to have certain fields required, eg - certain fields within an item have to have data in order for that item to be in ‘X’ stage or it can be based on a different variable in the item’s lifecycle. Is there a way to do this? Thanks


There is not really any such thing as required fields in monday. However, there is a monday marketplace app called “workflow” that seems like it might work for you. (I have not tested it myself yet). It is also possible to control workflow using hidden status fields, conditionally moving items to another group or board and undoing disallowed changes by using the API with custom apps or tools like Integromat.

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It look like @JCorrell’s post here How to create required fields when an item is moved to a stage or other trigger - #2 by JCorrell might have answered your question, is that correct?

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let me try to be ‘didatic’… (trying to explain by text bellow)

(U can try it) If you do not want to pay another ‘resources’ (like workflow suggested) , you can develop some kind of logic where:


  • suppose you have a field called ‘Field1’ where you want be populated by the user ; (in my case I have this type of field as a status field… initially filled with a ‘.’ (dot value) and not another value from the valid list for this field);

  • create a field ‘flag’ (using the same type of field, status field) (Lets call this field like ‘Field1Flag’ (it will have 2 values: OK and NOK… it will be a kind of ‘status field type’);

  • create a logic like this: When create an item… populate the ‘Field1Flag’ with ‘NOK’


  • Create automation to check if ‘Field1’ were populated …
  • If ‘Field1’ change from ‘.’ to anything … change ‘Field1Flag’ with ‘OK’.


  • Create an automation to check the ‘Field1Flag’ when you try to move the item from fase1 to fase2, for example…
  • If you try to change from fase1 to fase2 and the ‘Field1Flag’ is NOK… (keep the item on the same ‘fase1’)

Using this ‘kind’ of logic… you can keep the item on the same fase… until the user fill the required field…


(and sorry if I am not clear on the explanation)

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