Required field setting on workforms not working

I’m building a WorkForm and I need all the fields required. I reached a point where setting the field to be required will not stay selected.

I click on “Question settings?” toggle the Required ON, and then exit, then immediately reopen “Question settings?”, the required toggle is not set.

Very irritating as it makes creating forms with WorkForms useless for anything other than general short and sweet inquiries.

HI @mark.stout :wave:

How are you getting on with this? Is it still happening? If yes, how many questions did you already have marked as restricted before it started ‘falling off’ ?

Not sure if it would be a platform restriction, and curious as to whether you’d get the same result with something like superforms (on the monday app marketplace).

Did you try anything different?

Sorry for the question bomb! :slight_smile:

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Yes. I marked 44 bvefore it stopped. From that point on, whenever I toggel on the field is re q