Restricting 'Invite Members' function to a specific role

Recently, our company (Wepay) has recently joined as am Enterprise customer.

Right now, all team members can invite other members and guests. We are desiring a security feature to limit/restrict the ‘Invite Members’ function on the side panel to either just admins, or perhaps a role that users can be added to.

Perhaps there is a way to accomplish this currently in a non-obvious way?



Hello , if your are the administrator you can restrict this simply from:

Profile Icon – >Admin —> Security — >

Thanks for the heads up Amigo! I didn’t see that feature, as we are running our instance in SSO mode with Onelogin… (the email & password settings were minimized).

I’m curious to try and see if we can still enable that restriction, or if that setting is mutually exclusive when in SSO Authentication mode.

Thanks again!


Just tried… Unfortunately, you cannot enable multiple authentication modes in the Admin panel SSO AND email authentication :frowning: