Retrieving all items in board using pagination

I’m trying to get ALL items in a board by column values, using pagination. This is the query im using in the API Playground:

  items_by_multiple_column_values(board_id: board_id, limit: 500, page: 1, column_id: "column_id", column_values: "column_value") {
    column_values {

In the UI, I can see that there are 1000+ items in my board. However, when I use this query, only page 1 and 2 contain 500 items. Page 3 does not return any items. I have tried setting the limit to something smaller, but it seems that Monday never returns more than 1000 items. Is there something I’m missing in my query that is causing this issue?

Hi @homes107!

The maximum amount of items that can be retrieved using items_by_column_values() is 1,000.

Please see more on our Items By Column Values here:

Is this the case with items_by_multiple_column_values() as well @alessandra ?

Hi @homes107,

Sorry for misunderstanding the original question! Let me double check with my development team and I’ll get back to you soon with the answer.


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Hi @homes107!

Apologies for the delayed response! It looks like this post fell through the cracks. The same limit applies to tems_by_multiple_column_values().