Retrieving column metadata using retrieve column is not returning exact type of column

We are currently looking for query column to get all the available columns in the board with metadata to enable user to provide those column values while creating the item. Our flow is as below:

  1. Retrieve column
  2. Retrieve column definition
  3. Create item along with column_values where we wanted to allow user can provide value based on the column definition.

Currently the type we are getting from retrieve columns is not matching with [Column Type Reference]( provided in API documentation. For example type name is there and there is no Column Type Reference for name. Also, if type is color then there is no Column Type Reference for color, similarly for others.

Is there any way to retrieve each column type definition for say if the column is color there retrieving definition of the color type?


Hello @prasmadd !

As of today we do not have these list available in the documentation (working on it).

You can use the desired columns in a board, retrieve the types and then pair them with the ones that you see in the documentation.

But it is important to know that you will need the column ID for populating each column with values.

You can retrieve with the columns the type and ID and do that.

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