Sample Timeline in "Typical Days" Count

I would like to be able to show prospective clients a generic Timeline for the tasks involved with onboarding, and a timeline for how long onboarding takes. This would be based on an existing Template that is used to onboard every new client, but since what I am trying to accomplish will be a generic representation, we can’t enter a “Start Date”.

Would it be possible to create such a timeline with the Start Date as “Day 1”, and dependent tasks represented as “Day XX” instead of a specific calendar date? Ideally the timelines would be represented as “Day XX to Day XX”, and the total onboarding represented as “38 Days” instead of calendar dates.

Is this possible? If so, how can it be achieved?

Hey there!

Perhaps using the “push date by x number of days” automation recipes could work well here! Have you taken a look? Here’s an example:

You won’t be able to avoid assigning a date if you use the Timeline or Date Columns but perhaps you can use Text Columns for just the onboarding template to show the “Day 1”, “Day XX - Day XX” type of values.

Let me know if this helps at all!