Save Conditional Colouring to Main Board

Hi team. We have recently started using conditional colouring on one of our boards to highlight some key details where needed. I was just wondering if there are any improvements coming through the pipeline soon that would allow for conditional colouring to be saved to the main board, instead of having to save it to a new view. Sometimes our team members views get changed from the default board (w/ conditional colouring) to the ‘main board’ and it causes confusion when the main board no longer looks the same as our default view/board. It’s tricky having to have multiple board views for different scenarios, when the easiest thing would be to be able to save filters/sorts/conditional colouring/etc. to the main board itself. I can provide a more clear picture of our specific use-case if that will help. Thanks so much!

Please!!! this is a must!

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I honestly thought it was a bug that the conditional formatting wasn’t saving to the Main Table. Why do I need to create an entirely new view just to be able to save conditional formatting, especially when considering that my board only has a single view? This is a bit redundant on’s part.


Agreed, this is another one of those Monday idiosyncrasies that if fixed, would help to reduce the clutter. Just upvoted.



I’m Katerina from Stiltsoft. Please join our discussion here: How do you work with tables in monday?
We’ll be very glad to know more about your use cases and needs.

There’s no reason it shouldn’t work this way out of the box. This is silly.

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Hi guys,

Our company develops the Smart Spreadsheet for monday app - hope it will help you to use Excel-like features right on platform.

You’ll be able to import/export your data (and boards with items as well) and work with it as a fully functional spreadsheet (cell formulas, conditional formatting, grouped tables, etc.) in one place.

Best regards,
Katerina Kovriga

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I thought I was missing a save button or this was a bug as well. Being able to save to the main table view would be incredibly helpful for our team rather than creating another view which can clutter our boards.

Same here! I thought it was a bug because of the weird behavior.

Yes, this would be a great feature.

Hi all,
I was looking for something similar as well and came across this post. Do you know if there is any third party app that could help with that?
Thank you :slight_smile:

It’s Aug 2023 and it’s still an issue. Anyone found a workaround yet?

This is a no-brainer and should be a prime function in every ‘spreadsheet’ based tool.

I am not getting Monday’s idea of creating all these different views of the same table. WHY???
I just want one main table and additional (that is really great) views showing me a dashboard etc…

The same works for the filters and sorting function (columns): why can you not tweak that in a way you want it, save it to the main board and have it available there? Tip: look at how SmartSheet tables work wit the filters, conditional formatting etc… Seems like Monday can learn something there…

Pls have this fixed asap.