Save search term as filter argument

I cannot figure out a way to save my search terms into a saved filter. I see the question asked a few times here, but no real answer on saving search terms. Should this be a feature request?
We have a general taxonomy for some of our fields. So searching by the text of that field SHOULD be something we can save.
User story for your Product Owner.
As a project manager, I need to save a view with: all projects containing the text I enter and save that as a view with all of the filtering options added. This enables me to find only the projects containing that text with only a shortcut.


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I have the same opinion. This should be a standard option. The Filter options are not that good. I cant even connect the filters with AND and OR. Please change this @monday-team. This is an topic of so many here and its not that old.

Example: Save Search to View - General FAQs / Views and Dashboards - monday Community Forum

Well actually it has been requested for a long time but still has not been addressed or solved.