Save Search to View

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this is a straightforward question: Is it possible to save the search in a board to a view? Connected to this another question: When will the search term be kept when switching between views?

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Hi @dk_NFroehlich :wave:

I’m afraid at present it isn’t possible to save a search to a board view.
That said, you can save filters to a board view, which might work as an alternative here.

You can find more details on the filter options available and how to save them to a board view here: The Board Filters

If this isn’t a suitable workaround for you, I’d love to understand a little more about how you’re looking to use the search bar on the board to see if there are any other options we can suggest here.

I can definitely appreciate how saving the search bar results to a board view would be a useful addition to the platform for yourself, and I’m sure for other teams too, so I would highly recommend opening a thread in our Feature Request section.
Here other users who would also like this added to the platform will be able to upvote the feature!
You can find this here: Feature feedback - monday Community




Hi and thank you,

it is quite simple actually: There are several filtering options that do not work. For example filtering by columns that mirror multiple boards or mirrored columns of mirrored columns.
However I can use the workaround of searching for the specific things I want to filter. (i.e. the names of statuses) This is unfortunately something that is apparently hard to remember for my colleagues. So if I could save the search in a view all they would have to do is click on the view and get the results they need.