Board Filter "saved to view" doesn't persist

For context, I am using the CRM module.
I’m trying to get a filter to save to a view of a board, but it seems to “unsave” upon refreshing the page. I have a huge main board, with multiple views (leads, active clients, inactive leads, etc.) that have selected only some of the columns and hidden the rest. The hidden columns saved to view works like a charm, but for some reason the filter does not? I’d like to filter the board view “leads” on status “lead,” the board view “active clients” on status “active,” etc. – and have it persist. Can anyone help with this? Since the hidden columns saved permanently to the view, I’m not sure why the filter does not.

You should use “Sort” instead of “Filter” to save to view.

Bear in mind that if you want to actually change the board position of the items, you can only do this in the Main Table view, which functions differently.

Hopefully this answers your question!