SDK Storage Versioning

Logged here: [Bug] Storage API Versioning · Issue #42 · mondaycom/monday-sdk-js · GitHub

I’ve noticed that when specifying a previous_version it does not result in a version_conflict error as described in the docs: GitHub - mondaycom/monday-sdk-js: Node.js and JavaScript SDK for developing over the platform, value, {previous_version: version}).then(
  r => console.log(r),
  e => console.error(e)

Am I making the call incorrectly?

Hey @anderslyman - let me check in with the team on this one.


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Hey @dsilva, any word on this?

@Helen understood, thank you!

Might be good to remove it from the sdk documentation so it doesn’t confuse folks in the future - it’s currently listed as an existing feature.

Hi @anderslyman!

Apologies for before-- it seems this feature has been released and has been rather buggy.

I see that our developers put in a fix a few days ago-- should be working as expected now!


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