Seamless workflow management!

Hey, I’m Lior from the App Marketplace team, and if you’re looking for a better way to manage your workflow, add automation, and keep things moving smoothly?

We’ve got you! :sunglasses:

Check out these apps on the App Marketplace, sure to make your workflow seamless and your life simpler:

:+1:Same Item Multiple Boards: Easily add, monitor, update and automate items to multiple boards for more connectivity.

:clap:Smart Templates: Automate, standardize, and optimize tasks with triggered, customizable templates, perfect for making match your processes.

Just a reminder! You can always try it for free :slight_smile: find it in the app marketplace!

What else helps you effectively manage your workflow? Share in the comments. :speech_balloon:

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Woohoo! Go Lior! Love seeing these apps! :heart_eyes:

Hey! We tried to add Smart Templates to our account, but it looks like it’s no longer available. Will it become available again in the future, or has it been removed indefinitely? Group templates is certainly something that will help us, so if there are other apps we can use then do let us know :smiley:

Hey Mari,

I’m glad to hear this app can be useful, the team probably updating something, I’ll check and will let you know :slight_smile:

@Mariolsen It’s available

Hi Lior! Thanks for getting back so quickly. Tried the link again, and once I click sign in to install it takes me through to my account and still shows this screen:

Will hold off a couple more days before trying again :slight_smile: