Searchable content in Broadcasted Views

We rely on to track file progression. We need to be able to share certain content to our client(s) so that they can check in on the status of various files from time-to-time. The Broadcast feature works great for this! However, there are some clients who have many files and they cannot search for a particular file’s status quickly. They are left sorting each group and scrolling through sometimes hundreds of items.

I would like to request a search (or lookup) function for the broadcasted informaiton.


Hi @Hebby24

if you are okay with using a third party app, Board to Website Widget could be a proper way to achieve what you are looking for.

You can simply transform your boards into searchable widgets, that can shared with your clients with a link. Without touching your actual board, you can hide specific board columns if needed, manipulate them to a certain level, and adjust the overall look and feel of your widget – like make it match your or your clients brand.

The best fitting example for your use case, is probably our Feature requests demo, that makes use of item names, the item status, some text, and a file column (which can be also any file type). The app supports pretty much all kind of columns, besides formulas.

The publish process is currently manual, but we are working on running it with automations.

Just let me know if this might be of interest to you.

– Markus