Ability to link uploaded files in file viewer on a webpage for nonMonday members

We are currently using Monday.com as a Policy and Procedure management tool. We have created the entire listing in a workspace and uploaded individual files for each policy. I tried to integrate this into a website via some of the integration options but it only works for other members and opens up the discussions.
I am wanting a way to link to something like the viewer that pops up in Monday when you click on a file. This way we can create a website that is a table of contents type design with the policies all organized and listed. Then when someone clicks on said policy it opens up in the viewer. This way all the employees can open up the policies, since not everyone in the organization needs a Monday account.

Hi @dustinhl

maybe our latest app Board to Website Widget is a perfect match for your use case. At least if you are okay to utilize third party solutions from the marketplace.

You can basically transform your board into a website widget, which can be shared with a link or embedded into your website. Before publishing, you can adjust the look and feel to your needs, and hide or manipulate board columns to a certain degree – without touching your actual board.

By publishing the widget, all board items and associated files from file columns get uploaded publicly, and are therefor accessable not only by team members. Though in its current state, linked PDFs or other files will not pop up in a layer, but be opened in a new browser tab.

Find some more details about the app here, or take a look at our demos.

Let me know what you think.

– Markus