Upload and view simple HTML files

I would like to be able to upload .HTML files to the Files column, and view them within Monday.com.

The general use case would be viewing .HTML files without the need to either host them on a public site (which creates more privacy concerns than just hosting them on Monday servers) or a cloud site like OneDrive (which is fine, but then introduces hassle over generating the Links to those files & having users login to view them).

My specific use case is easily viewing emails within Monday.com; these are MSG or EML files when sent to me, but I can easily convert them to other formats. The difficulty is that emails often do not display correctly when converted to something like .DOCX or .PDF. (in this case, they’re going way off the page unless I manually correct them), but display perfectly if converted to .HTML.

I don’t expect Monday to add support for email files specifically, but I think the case for viewing HTML files would be quite strong; surely lots of web devs on here or people who work with HTML.

These emails, for me, are “work items”; each email might represent a discrete task, and accordingly have related Statuses, People, etc. I can upload metadata of these emails (eg the Subject) to Monday just fine… it’s really the directly link to the email, through Monday, which I’m struggling to find a nice workflow for.

I also want to clarify that I’ve looked at existing email integrations, and they don’t do what I’m looking for - I am receiving these emails in large batches and as attachments, and with a large variety of names. I am uploading them as tasks from an Excel sheet after cleaning the data first.