Add attachments to email integrations

We want to embed a form into our website, so that visitors to the site can leave their details and sign up for a free worksheet to download. We’d like to do it through an automated email integration in (using Outlook integration), however currently it is not supported to send attachments in an email integration.

Could this be added please?



+1 On this, i have been requesting this feature since past year.
Is the only thing its lacking in order to send our technical reports to our clients.

Andy, I was testing the idea of sending our customers a PDF proof of their job request through an integrated setup. I decided against it but it may help you. We are a print shop and use each task or row as a job in the shop. Works beautifully.

What if you add a file cell column to your group, including the file you want to email in that cell, have an integration create an email to your customer using that file cell as an attachment? It may not be truly automatic but require some status change after the fact, to fire off the email with attachment. What I call “semi automatic”. Just an idea…

Thanks Jason. In just tried it, and it does work, thanks for the tip.
However, there’s a few issues:

  • the attachment needs to be uploaded to each pulse, similar to attaching a document to each email.
  • the email goes out with a link to the attachment, which the recipient then has to click on to download
  • As you say, the each pulse needs to have status changed one by one.

The biggest issue is the first one, uploading the attachment line by line. Any ideas on how that could be fixed?

Thanks for the help man.


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We need this too…
To send attached files in gmail integrations its a basic feature that needs to be fixed.

@AndyClayton those are tough drawbacks. In our situation, the PDF was created art so it was original to each pulse and could be dropped in by the designers, as created. I’ll try and keep your situation in mind.

I haven’t tested any Google Drive or similar integration but I wonder if you couldn’t do an integration that would trigger an email and include a file from Drive. That’s where your file could be stored instead of a pulse cell specifically.

You are welcome for the help, only wish it helped more.

@AndyClayton I just thought of another workaround. I don’t personally use mailchimp any more but maybe when they sign up on the form, it integrates with mailchimp to create a contact (not a bad thing on its own), then mailchimp can shoot out a welcome email with attached worksheet. Maybe two birds with one stone…

Thanks Jason. Our solution is to use Mailchimp, to keep the full ‘master list’ there, and then set an integration only for those that request a second follow up, who get put into a list for more personalised follow up.

I like your suggestions, though it would mean two identical, duplicate lists, one in Monday, one in mailchimp, and that sort of duplication always makes me nervous.

I appreciate all the cool suggestions! I’m new to this community, and it’s great to see others into solutions :slight_smile:

@AndyClayton, good you have a workaround anyway. I’m new to this as well, since November. I’m building new uses, itegrations and automations pretty regular. Great tool.

We have a similar use case where we need field staff to take some photos and add them to a form, complete other relevant fields, and then have the form emailed to the email address that is one of the fields in the form.

Right now we are doing this, and more, by using a custom html form that sits on another site. We create a pdf of the completed form, including the attached images, email the pdf to the email address that was included in the email field on the form, then use Integromat to transfer the data to a monday board, and add attachments as an update against the newly created item.

Once it is set up, it works ok. We are even creating dropdown fields on the form from data (items) that are contained on other boards in monday; which is really powerful. But it takes a lot of time to set up.

If we could use either the Outlook or Gmail integration to email the photos that are attached to a monday form, it would save us many hours of work.

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