Attachments with Gmail

Is there an easy way to attach a document in Monday (saved at the item level in the attachment column) to an email? I’m finding myself having to download the attachment to my desktop then attach it to my email in Gmail. Seems like there’s probably an easier way.

I also have the same issue in reverse. If I get an email with an attachment, do I have to download the attachment then upload it into Monday or is there some way to standardize this?



It would be really cool to automate that.

“(trigger) take the column file and send it to e-mail”

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Yesss this would be a dream

Why dream? I made it happen :slight_smile:
By using APIs , through Integromat.
It is very useful in our company. All emails exchange is done through the board only, including file attachments (and not only link attachment)


This is definitely something that’s been asked for repeatedly.

@Danielf - That is so cool! Where does the gmail attachment go to the “Files” column or the Info Boxes section for adding files? And would you care to share your automation?

I use Integromat but haven’t figured out how to do this one.

All the files are going to the “Files” column - I have 3 different “files” column and decide according to the attachment to which column it should be attached.

The automation works like that:

  1. GMAIL MODULE - Watch the gmail message (if you have a non-business gmail account, you should have an OAuth setup (Connecting Integromat To Google Services Using a Custom OAuth Client – Integromat Support)
  2. GMAIL MODULE - Iterate Attachments
  3. MONDAY V2 Module - Add File to a File column value

I did it with Microsoft mail 365 (which is quite different) and with GMAIL.

When sending an email from the board, the process is quite different. I use Sendgrid to send mails with attachments due to restrictions of 4MB files through GraphQL while using outlook.

Good Luck !


This is awesome, Thank you so much @Danielf!

Will give it a try. Hopefully, one day files will automatically attach to the file tab in “info box” but until then …

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