Ability to move emailed files to file column

When you forward files from an e-mail to an item using the secure address / email integration all the attachments end up in the Files section of the item but then can’t be moved.

It would be very useful to be able to move these attachments into a files column. I.e. A customer sends you a drawing for a project on an e-mail, you can forward it to the item using it’s secure address, and then easily move that file from Files Gallery to a ‘Drawings’ named file column that you have set up in the board

Would it be possible, when sending an email to a pulse, that the attachments in that email end up in the File Column I have set up, instead of in the comment section on the pulse?


We would find this really helpful as well

Would LOVE this! This would be such a timesaver for us!

I voted but would also love this feature!

Attachments from email to File Column on monday.com is possible using this Extract marketplace app. See below.

$36 per month for 100 updates? whoo that is expensive!

Absolutely, either in a file column, or attached to the update itself. I think it used to do that, so I’m not sure why that’s gone away. We need to set up an automation to then save the file to our OneDrive, but at the moment I can’t see a way to do it.

Hi @silverberrytree We can offer a discount if you find this useful.

Yes, that would be useful! Can you reach out to me at elise@youlegal.com.au?