Email integration discards attachments?

When testing the Outlook and Gmail integration to create new pulses, I found that attachments were dropped. For my potential use case, this is not ideal.

Is there some way to preserve incoming email attachments, perhaps by storing them into a File Column?


Hey @wesleyg, that’s correct. At the moment, our native integrations do not support adding file attachments. However, this ability is on our roadmap – while I don’t have an ETA, it’s something we do want to add!

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Thanks .

This feature is important for us as we consider whether to continue using for a specific project.

I know you said there’s no ETA, but maybe you can help manage my expectations a bit more specifically?

Is it possible that it could be available in 3 months? 6 months? 12 months? More than 12 months? We don’t necessarily need this feature immediately, but if it’s still more than a year away, that would be a useful data point in our decision making process.

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