Automatic file attachment to email

We use the form feature emedded on our website to capture requests for downloads and want to send an automated email response with document as an attached file. I can’t see how to automate this. Any ideas please?


Welcome to the Monday community!

Currently this is not possible natively in Monday. To do something like this today, you would need to utilize one of the supported 3rd party integration apps, Integromat & Zapier.

I would say though that this feature is definitely in the works as Monday just recently released their own built in email app in Beta(you might still be able to join in Full email capabilities - its here!).

This is a highly requested feature. Pretty sure we’ll see it later this year, but I haven’t heard any official ETA from monday.

We have the same situation, we capture requests for training courses using forms, and in some part of our workflow we need to send particular documents to each of the person who has registered for a course. The information to send to each person is different, so we put a file column to store the corresponding information and created an integration with outlook to automate email sending, but it is MONDAY link what is sent in the mails, not the file. Any advance on the development plan for this feature??