Bulk link Items to email Files

I would like to be able to link Items to email files (MSG/EML) somehow, and easily view them from Monday.com.

I have elsewhere proposed doing this via an HTML link because I think HTML file uploading would also be a very handy feature, and I can convert between the two - but I figured I’d also make a separate topic for people wishing to support better email integrations.

Say I have a folder full of email files; MSG or EML or other formats. I want to be able to link those to items in Monday.com, so I can easily get from Monday to that specific communication (ideally in a native viewer).

Existing integrations and automations seem to provide mostly for creating items or actions from emails - e.g. when an email is sent to a specific address, create a new item. That’s almost the reverse of what I’m after; I’m looking for a faster way of linking already existing items to their relevant communications.

hi @JackNagy

I don’t believe monday’s file column support native viewing for .msg and/or .eml files. Linking won’t work either as other users don’t necessarily has access to the folder where you are linking to. How are those files accessible for all users in your monday account?

@basdebruin Hi Bas - that’s the issue, they’re currently not accessible to all users, as I can’t upload the MSG/EML files :slight_smile:

I can make them accessible by either running them all through a file converter first (issues there) before upload, or by sharing them outside Monday somehow; but it would be nice to get straight from Monday to the relevant communications.

Right now I’m working around it with the “email to board” feature which dumps everything in the Updates, but this isn’t a great solution.

hi @JackNagy

Ohh, I now understand you want to upload to monday. In your initial post you were talking about linking.