Searching and reporting on archived/done items

Hi All,

One of the departments we use the Monday platform is for our production department, where our daily job load is being handled, where we can see the status of the jobs based on the labels of the items, and when a job is done, we label it “done” and archive the item/job.
I found that when it came to a situation that we needed to look back on archived jobs, there were no way to search for it, but instead had to look through the whole list of activities, and even if I did find it I couldn’t really see the history of the job. My question is if there is any efficient way to look back, and search for archived item.
My 2nd question is, if there is any efficient way to run reports on items that were archived/done.

I would really appreciate if anyone can help me with this.



Welcome to the Monday Community!

There are two ways to search for archived items:

  1. Archived History per Board - 3 dots in the top right → Board Settings → Archived History. I find this to be the easiest when you know exactly what you are looking for or you know the board its in.

  2. Search Everything - Magnifying glass symbol on the bottom left → Check Box “Search Archives”. I find this to be more tedious as its searching everything like the title claims. It can also be difficult to determine which board the item is in sometimes. But if you are searching generally or aren’t quite sure where something is, it helps.

To quickly answer your other question:

is there any efficient way to run reports on items that were archived/done.

Short answer no, because they are archived. To my knowledge there isn’t a way to pull archived items by their nature. But I can share some best practices that might help.

  1. Set a delayed archive automation. By that I mean have a column that sets the date when something gets marked done, and then have another automation that archives that item after X days.
    -For example, our project tracking board waits 1 month after something has been completed before archiving incase something comes up as a warranty after shipping or during install.
    -You can even have the items move to a “Done” or “Completed” group so you can hide it at the bottom, but still access it for a short time if needed.

  2. Move/copy items to pseudo archives(custom boards) if you actually want to run reports on them. This can be accomplished a couple of ways but is the only way I can think of for you to run reports on these items without them being on your active boards. You can either have a item create a copy to a board you’ve labeled “Done/Complete/Archive”, or you can straight move it there via automation. From here you can still utilize the delayed Archive option, but set it to a longer time period(3 months, 1 year etc.).

If you have any questions about setting these up, let me know.

Hope this helps!


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