A quick way to find archived items by the group they came from.

Currently the only way to see what group an item was archived from is to use the view button. Because our shop has things sorted into departments like ‘screenprint’ and ‘embroidery’, and jobs are frequently restored from archives when a customer wants to run a repeat of an old job, this makes locating the archived entry very time consuming as we have to click into each item individually to see which department that entry was made in.

There are a few ways this could be done.

1 (Green): In the archived from column of the archived item, (Main Workspace>Production>) add another level for what group within the board it came from.

2 (Blue): Add a new column listing the group where it was located. (Making these columns customizable would also be a boon.)

3 (Red): Fix the search and filter feature to allow you to sort by certain groups (This currently does not work)

A work around for this would be to create a new board for each department instead of fitting them into groups. This may work for some teams, but we need to be able to see every job at a glance and so this work around would not be practical.