See who has not voted

As part of a document control approval board, I’m looking to have a clear picture to see who has not “voted” using the vote column. For context, I have a people column with all the people who will need to approve the document change via the vote column. I already have a formula column set up to tell me that the document change has been fully approved when the count of people assigned to the people column and the count of people who has voted match. But, I’m looking to know who exactly has not voted yet as each approval could have 15+ users.

Hey @Mitchellcue, thanks for posting! This is an interesting case.

What would you think of having two people columns–one that is the default, where people who need to vote are populated so they know they are assigned to the item, and then one could be an approval column? If people want to approve, then they could do so by adding themselves to the “approved” people column.

You could also use subitems with a subitem for each person. That way you could see easily who has not yet voted. You could also mirror the subitems’ column summary up to the parent item so you would know how many more votes you need. Would that make sense for you?