How to manage a group of approvers and receive notification that they have all approved?

I’m trying to build a document approval workflow where the document will have multiple approvers, but there is no particular order in which the approvers need to review and approve. That is - the approvers can review, edit, and approve whenever they have time within a prescribed window of time. I don’t know the best way to set up a board so that when a document is ready for review by the group of approvers, they are all notified, then they can go in to review whenever they have time, then they can indicate somehow (check a box, maybe?) that they have reviewed and approved, and when ALL of the approvers have checked the box, the document owner will be notified that the document has been reviewed by all necessary approvers. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

What we do is use a status column named “Ready to Review” and set up automations that alert the people when changed to this status.
“Hey [Person], [Doc name] is Ready to Review”

Since you have multiple people and are trying to track individuals on each doc, you might split this into subitems for each approver.

Following the same idea, you make another status named “Approved” and have an automation that when all subitems are approved, it marks the parent item as approved and that notifies the owner. So board structurally, it’ll look something like this:

Oooh, clever! Thank you, I’m going to mess around with this idea. Very much appreciated!