Dependencies with multiple owners

I am building out a workflow that has automated dependencies for approvals.

EG - a round of designs for a logo requires 2 designers to come up with concepts. I would like to alert the Creative Director that the concepts are ready for review, but only after both designers have changed their status. I’m only seeing the ability to do this one at a time.

Same with approvals. I would like for 2 people to be able to individually approve an item that is ready for review, then automatically trigger the next steps along the journey.


Hey @rfarmer, thanks for posting about this!

Is there an order in which the 2 designers indicate their approval (e.g. one of the designers always indicates her approval second)? If so, only the second designer could be used to trigger a ready to review status/notification to the Creative Director.

Alternatively, you could have a status column for each designer. Then, once both of those status columns have changed, it would trigger the Creative Director’s status column (the third one) to “ready for review”:

The “ready for review” status would then trigger a notification to the Creative Director using this automation:

What do you think?