Automate approval process

When members of the team define features, complete design, or develop code - the PM needs to approve or test.

The approval process is very manual. When a status changes from design to dev, an approval should be automatically sent to the owner prior to notifying the developer to begin coding.

Hi @alpacakyle!

Can I ask if the following recipe flow could work for you? You can achieve this simply by adding an additional status column and recipe…

Screen Shot 2023-04-24 at 11.54.24 am

You’d keep the original recipe to notify the project manager/owner that the phase has changed:

Then once the owner has been notified, they can choose to approve/disapprove the design via the status column - as such, based upon the approval the developer will be notified of next steps…

You can set up seperate recipes based on the whether the owner disapproves etc the design…

Let me know your thoughts!

Hi Bianca,

This is great :slight_smile: thank you so much!