Update status only when Owner creates update

I have a board where I log requests to colleagues & they need to update the status manually when starting to work on the request. However, they aren’t doing this, although they are responding to my notes within Monday on each request. I can set an automation to update the status when an update is received but I can’t restrict this to it being from the owner only. Is this possible? If not, can this functionality be added please?

Hey @AnnY!

Hm, would this board permission help with this? This way, only the owner that is assigned can make updates to the specific item/column?

Alternatively, would setting Column Permissions also help with this? It works in a similar way to the above permissions however you can set editing capabilities solely to a specific column - i.e. the status column.

Let me know!

It’s not a permissions issue, it’s an automation one. There doesn’t seem to be a recipe that allows me to trigger a status update if an update is made by the owner of the item but not if one is added by anyone else…

Ah understood - apologies for my misunderstanding! I am afraid you’re correct, we do not currently support this particular automation. This is a great suggestion and feedback we will note with our team :pray:


Update Magic #1 has an recipe that does that:

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Thanks for the tip – I’ll try it out…



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