Seeking Developers or Guidance for App Development

I’m looking for smart people who know a lot about making apps. I need help to create an app for my website, sadapackage. The website is about telecom internet packages and plans. I want this app to be easy for everyone to use and let them subscribe to different packages/plans. If you know a bit about making apps that are easy to use or if you have good ideas about how to make this app, I’d really like to hear from you.

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In addition to being Platinum Partners, we at upstream are also integration and custom development specialists with an award-winning full stack team.

We can definitely assist you with your requirements, please feel free to contact me via the below details, or book a chat straight in.

Looking forward to connecting with you soon!

Peta | upstream
+613 9067 5611

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Thank you for your reply, and I feel happy to know you had like to assist me in developing the app. By joining this platform (, It encouraged me to learn how to make apps, and with your guidance, I’m confident I can achieve that goal. Your expertise will surely be invaluable.
Muhammad Akram

Hey @Muhammadakram

Welcome to the community! has launched a brand new app marketplace to build and deploy exclusive solutions. You can utilize the intuitive apps framework to create new user products and experiences on top of Subsequently, you can add internet subscription plans and data from boards within newly-created apps, create tailored experiences for end-users, and drive business success.

If you’re seeking help to construct a telecom user app, hire developers from a consulting company. These developers can set up an exclusive digital experience to help users get value from your app faster.

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