Seeking Guidance on Lead Assignment randomly in for Global Property Management Campaigns

Dear Community,

I hope this message finds you well. Our team is currently managing property management campaigns across various countries, involving more than 80 teams responsible for handling leads in specific areas. We are in search of the most effective apps available in the marketplace or any built-in solutions within to facilitate the random assignment of leads based on specific areas to a centralized main board.

Presently, we are utilizing the round-robin method; however, we have encountered limitations in terms of assigning teams and team leaders based on diverse cities and areas. We are specifically looking for a solution that allows us to allocate leads to teams based on different criteria, such as city or area, with the flexibility to define conditions that meet our unique requirements.

To provide a clearer picture, our ideal solution would enable us to randomly assign leads to teams based on their respective areas. For instance, when dealing with U.S. cities, we aim to assign leads to an “A team” consisting of 7 members. The assignment should be random, ensuring that each lead is directed to a different team member within the designated A team.

If anyone in the community has experience or insights into apps or features that align with our requirements, we would greatly appreciate your guidance and recommendations. Your expertise will be invaluable in enhancing our lead management processes and optimizing our campaigns.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.