Dummy Accounts for Assignment to Task Owners

Hi All, been trying to set up dummy accounts that I can assign as owners or for our outsource partners that don’t use Monday.com. We use Monday.com for our Marketing team but the rest of our organization does not (yet) - so when I list a task that someone in Sales has to do, I would like a way to have a dummy user to assign labeled “Sales” or “Sales Management”, right now I am assigning myself and noting who is responsible for it in the text field. I’ve spoken with some Monday.com folks and they suggested my email+1 but I’m not getting the email to confirm and create the account. I’ve also tried my email+test with no luck :frowning:

Hey @mdnetti, thanks for posting about this! I’d love to see what I can do to help.

Do you have access to those email addresses’ inboxes? This would be necessary in order to be able to confirm those accounts.

What would you think about creating a Team called “Sales” or “Sales Management” and just adding yourself to it for now? You could set this up through your avatar menu >> Teams, and then you could assign this team to items in monday.com. Then the text of it would show up right and you could use all of the functionalities of the people column but you wouldn’t have to confirm the emails.

Thanks! I confirmed with our IT team that the email was being blocked so I’m asking for access to get those emails. With that said, I’ll have to try your suggestion - thanks so much for the alternate solution here!

Hey @mdnetti! Of course :blush: I’d love to hear what you eventually end up doing!

Great solution! The problem with email+ was on our side with security. However, creating new teams (and assigning myself) with the team name as other depts (i.e. Product or Sales) worked really well. I even made fun avatars so visually it was easy to track and separate out. Thanks for the suggestion and your help!

Hey @mdnetti, so glad to hear that this worked! What a great idea with the avatars to give it some visual separation :+1:

I’ve been wanting this functionality as well.
I work with a lot of contractors who end up as guests (love that feature).
But while planning it would be nice to have placeholder virtual guest accounts (not linked to an email).

The teams trick is very nice. Personally I made a guest account with a secondary email. That way I can log in to an incognito browser and see the board exactly how the future contractor would see it and make sure the right restrictions are set before inviting the actual contractor as a guest.

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