Boost, Increase, and identify User Adoption in across the organization/account

Hi Guys,

I’m looking for some advice and inspiration on how you are onboarding and keeping your users active and interested and using Monday within your company, as well as, recommendations, success stories, and insight into how/what we could do to successfully increase user adoption within our organization as well.

Our Backstory

We are fairly new to Monday and have started onboarding several teams/departments outside of our core PM Team. Members of the PM Team have assumed their role as the “Monday Coach” for their assigned departments, and each coach has been working with their users to get them onboarded and trained in Monday. From working with the coaches, their feedback is that people are not very excited about the Monday Training Boards and the new users often start strong, but end up abandoning the training sessions/boards about 25% into them. We also have discovered that users are only doing what they have been assigned to do in Monday - but not using Monday to its fullest extent, as in, finding ways that Monday could help them automate and improve their own daily tasks and routines.


I hope the community here can help us by sharing your success stories, and strategies that helped you and your teams get the most out of Monday! Here’s a few questions to help get the conversation started.

  • What strategies have you found helpful in boosting and/or increasing user adoption of Monday within your organization?
  • What did you learn during your organizations onboarding process, that could help us avoid the same mistakes?
  • What reports and/or dashboards do you use to help identify user stats and analytics (beyond what is provided to Enterprise accounts in Monday)?
  • What advice would you give a new enterprise level admin that is just getting started with
  • What resources (outside of Monday) have you found, that you can’t live without now?

Thank you in advance for your advice, feedback and for taking the time to share! If you would rather message me directly please feel free to do so. I’m excited to hear what others are doing and have done to ensure the greatest ROI and use of Monday within their organizations and teams!

Thanks again