How to onboard teams via

How to onboard teams via

When new employees come into companies there is usually an onboarding process. Here at, I had an 8 week onboarding process. Luckily, I had a board with 8 groups. Each group represented a week, and pulses the tasks assigned for that week. My manager could easily see what I had completed and it also motivated me to do each task and complete it successfully. This is a great way to onboard your team!


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Wanted to share a great board we created that will help you to onboard your team to the platform and will take them from 0 to 100 in a few days.

We divided the board to an “introduction” group “basic features”, “communication” and “how to become a pro”

Check it out here on stories and feel free to download it to your account - board link


We have one of these too!

We found that having a video that walks people through getting started with our own lingo, helped with integration. We screen recorded our first team integration session and put that at the top. The videos are very helpful but our team felt lost when comparing them to how our company set things up. So this was a good onboarding solution and then they can use the board to follow along. Was easy to do too.


Really cool @MelissaFox do you have any suggestions on how we could better help with that? We’re thinking a lot about how we can use customized content to help everyone teach each other the tool as naturally as possible!

Love this. We also created an onboarding board. Any new user gets run through this board before being invited to participate in other boards. In addition to explaining MDC functionality, we add our own workflow philosophies – and a bit of humor :slight_smile:

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We used this board for our own team’s onboarding. The best part about it is we added a “Beyond” Group with links to some of the more recent webinars with information on automations, dashboards, etc. It was great not having to reinvent the wheel!:raised_hands:

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Would love to see a screenshot of that group and the updates you posted if you wouldn’t mind sharing @Krishele!

Here’s a screenshot of the extra group we added. Also, we added a pulse to the top asking people to read the description. This is important because our teams have agreed that all boards would have clear, concise and direct rules/guidelines in the description.

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We’re planning an updated webinar on this subject in June (June 12th to be exact) for anyone interested. You can sign up here:

Hi! Any more recent movement on a template for onboarding users to

This is the latest version of this template: Success stories |

Let me know if that helps?

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Brand new to, but finding great info. On this topic, I have created a list of training tasks that must be completed by each team member. Is there a way to have a list of people that are assigned to this task list, and track each individual’s progress?

Hi @Leombruno94 - for clients we normally have one content board (which sounds like you have created) that has the course content, then a second Assigned Content board. We use a connected board column to mirror the course content (links, files, etc.) then assign it to the users in each row with a status they can update along with a due date (if applicable). This should be setup as a two-way connection so you can then mirror back overall progress of the individual tasks.

We then setup a dynamic board view (where assigned to = me) and set it as the board default so when users navigate to the board they only see the items assigned to them (they could also use My Work).

You can use the due dates as well to be notified if people aren’t completing their training on time.

Hope this helps!

If it’s a small number of people to onboard we put the training tasks/files as the items (rows) and then the people as the columns. They were supposed to change the status to Done once they completed the training.

Is there a way to still get this board? I tried the link but did not get it.

To add to this…

What I found useful was to keep people connected and informed was to create a Monday doc and add news and updates to the doc then tagged everyone in the account… This helps keep people updated on what’s new in Monday as well as links to get more help on cool new features if needed. We setup a quarterly call with out Success Manager and she goes into all the updates that we might be interested in and I use the info from that call to create a newsletter type doc to share out. I get more of a response that way and it can also reenforce learning and training for our users.