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Hi I just checked with the support team. We can’t assign tasks directly through mails. picks up specific keywords to do the automations. I work in an organization where we have 14000+ employees, not everyone would use that keyword in the mail. Now for those cases which don’t have that specific keyword, i have to manually type in that thing into Can’t we assign someone that task through mail itself and it shows on

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There really isn’t a great way to assign people directly through the email.

However, you can use what would be call an Inbound board that houses the emails that don’t have key words and then set up conditions to move items from that board to the destination board based on other parameters or types.

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This could be done in a number a couple ways.
Option 1
Have a user send an email with an identifier such as “[023]” or [Mike2]" in the subject of the email. Then use something like to determine and assign the task to someone from the email.

Option 2
You could use form with a field to of the name of the task owner. Then when add an automation in Monday to assign a person based on the field. However, limited to 40 people with status column. And 500 people using dropdown column. So option 1 would be a lot more robust.

Option 3
You could make a unique Monday link for each person that can be assigned a task. When a person emails that specific link. Monday automations would take over to create and assign the task. A bit complicated but also could work.

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Hello @Hitansh ,

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The solutions @Kofi has suggested seem good to me, and you could possibly explore them to see if any of them are a good fit.

I would also suggest checking out Bitskout. Bitskout is a no-code app that integrates with monday and uses AI to simplify your processes.

It does too many things to list here, so you should check it out yourself.

Hope this helps!
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Did you get an answer that worked for you or are you still needing help?

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Hi there, I am trying to use the solutions you mentioned but having a hard time figuring it out the process. Do you mind elaborating on the solutions?

Hey Domenica,

Welcome! What option are you trying, and what kind of email format are you trying to process?

Hi Kofi,
Thank you. I’d like to use option #1 since seems to be the easier one :slight_smile: