Select multiple boards to bulk delete


I’d love a way to multiple select groups on a board - for example, we have a board which has 95 groups listed, however 75 of them are empty so I’d love a way to select those 75 and just click delete once. At the moment I have 3 clicks for each group I need to delete.

I sometimes have to duplicate a board that has lots of groups in it (e.g. a group for each week of the year), but duplicating a board the barest option available is “Structure Only,” where “Structure” includes all the columns and all the groups. So then I have to delete all the groups… one-by-one.

Is there either a way to delete multiple groups all at once? Alternatively, could there be added a board duplication option that would be “Column Structure Only” or “1 Group”?

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I’m also looking for a way to delete multiple groups at one time. I haven’t found a solution yet.


Come on Monday, there’s must be a reasonably simple fix to this! It’s very annoying to have to delete dozens of items manually when you could just make the Group checkbox check-able.


I totally agree, it’s embarassing with all the money we pay for this service. This must be taken care of!