Select multiple boards to bulk delete


I’d love a way to multiple select groups on a board - for example, we have a board which has 95 groups listed, however 75 of them are empty so I’d love a way to select those 75 and just click delete once. At the moment I have 3 clicks for each group I need to delete.

I sometimes have to duplicate a board that has lots of groups in it (e.g. a group for each week of the year), but duplicating a board the barest option available is “Structure Only,” where “Structure” includes all the columns and all the groups. So then I have to delete all the groups… one-by-one.

Is there either a way to delete multiple groups all at once? Alternatively, could there be added a board duplication option that would be “Column Structure Only” or “1 Group”?


I’m also looking for a way to delete multiple groups at one time. I haven’t found a solution yet.


Come on Monday, there’s must be a reasonably simple fix to this! It’s very annoying to have to delete dozens of items manually when you could just make the Group checkbox check-able.


I totally agree, it’s embarassing with all the money we pay for this service. This must be taken care of!

Hey all! I agree, it’s crazy they don’t already have this. Should have been a NO BRAINER that it would be needed. HOWEVER there’s a work-around:

  • Create a new board. Delete all of the default columns so it only has the “item” column.

  • from the board you want to duplicate without every group, choose ONE group and MOVE it to the new board you created. it will prompt you to link each column, just simply scroll to the bottom and click “create new…” for every one of them.

it even kept the linked boards I had. should be built in, but this is an easy quick work-around

Hi @johnners , we just dropped Groups Manager that allows you to do that in a very simple way, check it out : Apps Marketplace

I hope it will fit your needs !

Vince from Devdevils

I have this issue too, especially at the end of the year when we’re creating a slew of 2024 boards.

It would help if when we click on the Delete option for a group that we could confirm it with a keyboard Enter instead of having to do it the current way:

  1. click on the left of each group to get a dropdown so we can select Delete
  2. scroll down to the Delete option in the dropdown
  3. click to select Delete
  4. scroll across the page to get to the Delete confirm button
  5. click to confirm Delete

That’s 5 mouse actions to accomplish a single group delete! Multiply that by 11 groups per board times 40 clients with multiple boards and you have a total carpal tunnel situation.

Upvoting! Since importing excel files generates a new group every time (and currently we do not have the power to specify a group on import), I end up with hundreds of stray groups that have to be deleted one-by-one. Would loveeee to be able to batch edit.