Semrush App on Monday

We have recently installed the Semrush App from Apps Market Place to our board. There is a prebuilt template (for key words analytic strategy only) available for use which is fine. Our goal here will be to track other info such all site visitors, traffic sources, domain rankings, and authority scoring. But anticipated, the Semrush integration is very limited with Based on this article ( and Semrush Integration manual - Semrush Integrations | Semrush) and live testing, we can only get the following information:

  1. Keyword Difficulty
  2. Search Volume
  3. CPC (Cost per click)

Has anyone ever tried the Semrush app on Monday and have successfully get the Traffic Analytics, Domain Rankings etc through an automation? Or does anyone know how are we able to get those information from Semrush to one of the boards? Thank you!