SEMRush Integration

I recently got SEMRush and am looking to integrate it into I completed all the steps and now have it set up.

Now, I’m not really sure the best way to go about using it or setting it up? Does anyone currently use this and can give me any pointers, tips, or examples from your board? If its confidential feel free to blur out anything or use different terms.

Just looking for some best practices or really any help I can get.

After reading their description in the marketplace, it looks like you can create items and immediately it pings SEMRush for volume, CPC and keyword difficulty as columns on the board.

Taken from’s site:
How to Use the Semrush and Integration

Once you’ve installed the integration and selected which columns you want populated, then using it is simple.

First, create an item by entering a keyword or phrase you’re interested in targeting into the first column on your board.

After a few moments, your selected columns (Keyword Difficulty, Search Volume, or CPC) will automatically populate with Semrush data.

The amount of keywords you’re able research may vary based on your subscription level:

Free: 10 Keyword Searches Per Day
Pro: 3,000 Keyword Searches Per Day
Guru: 5,000 Keyword Searches Per Day
Business: 10,000 Keyword Searches Per Day

Once you reach your limit, you will be alerted via a notification.

From there, I suppose you could run automations based off of keywords generated, or create conditional formatting based on specific results. End results really depend on specific business use cases so any information on the process you go through using SEMRush would be beneficial to recommend options. Glad to chat more.