Send file as base64 in API to upload file with any type of extension

I want to send the file as base64 in the API
I know that I have to use to send a file, and I uploaded a photo from my system in postman as a test.
But I want to send the file as base64 with any extension such as csv, xlsx, xls, doc, pdf, etc.
Thank you for telling me what to put in postman instead of the image key
pay attention to the image below

Hi @htzahra70

Welcome to the community and thank you for asking and contacting us.

You should be answered soon.

Mean while I hope you have a nice week.

Hello there @htzahra70,

I will double-check this with our team and let you know what they say!


Hello again @htzahra70

I heard back from our team and we are not supporting Base64 at the moment.

Let me know if you have any other questions!