Error when trying to Add File to an Update

I’m getting an error with no information, but my best guess is something to do with the data:

I’ve tried mapping the source file and letting it choose the Download an Attachment module. Both give the same error. Do I need to transform the data in some way?

Hi @andrewalmand!

Yes, so in this case, uploading files will need to be done locally (meaning you need to first download the file to your local machine, and then include the path in your machine in your request).

Based on the flow you’ve included, it seems like this is the route you’re going down. I think the best way to troubleshoot this would probably be to go step by step.

I would make sure that the file is indeed a local file, and then having done that I would attempt to utilize a different platform (maybe something like Postman which is my go-to) to see if I can upload this local file myself.

As a reference, I would definitely check out my colleague Alex’s example here.

Good luck and let me know if this helps you isolate the issue a bit more!

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@Helen Thank you for the response!

Before I start looking into that, would the module “Add File to a File Column” have the same local requirement?

Thanks again!

Hi @andrewalmand,

Yes indeed! It’s a requirement for uploading files using our API, regardless of where these files are being uploaded to.

And yes of course, always here to help!

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