Send mail chain from mail provides to Email & Activities feed

Hi there,

It would be very nice if we could feed the “Email & Activities” item view with a pre-existing email chain from our mail provider (gmail / outlook).

We can feed the updates with an email chain using the “Write updates via email:” but then we cannot send emails from there.

On the other hand, we could send an email from “Emails & Activities” but we cannot feed it with a pre-existing email chain.

Hey Victor!

If you have contacts/email set up in your board, when connecting to the app, correspondence should pull from the point of the initial email integration, even if that was made first through the gmail/outlook integrations in the integration center, and not through E&A app. That said, pulling (/customising which) past email threads directly from the mail provider into the app isn’t currently supported, however a great feature request we will share internally :pray: