Add other email chains to Emails & Activities Widget

I would like to propose a feature request for the Emails & Activities widget add-on.

I think it would be helpful to somehow add in other email chains to this section or missed chains. For example if a client emails us directly to start a project it would be helpful to somehow “import” that conversation into Monday and start tracking those emails. That pre-existing information can be vital to include on the project and not have to start a new chain.

I have two suggestions on how this could be integrated.

  1. Have a unique email that I can BBC to my reply in my email app of choice. Similar to how you can write updates via email. This would also help with broken email chains that aren’t being tracked by Monday. That way that reply would bring the conversation into Monday and I can reply from the widget.

  2. Less optimal but still a possible option. Forward the existing email chain into Monday and then reply through the widget.

I think this addition would be very helpful for including multiple email chains or existing chains into Monday and show the complete timeline.