"Send test mail" feature in sales CRM

Hi! Yesterday, I sent an email to one of the contact groups we created (245 people) in the sales CRM board. However, there was no option to send a test email to my inbox before sending it to all selected contacts.
The columns feature is great for personalisation, but there is no preview of what it will look like once the email is sent. For example, when I insert a first name column, I only see “{pulse.text}”, so I don’t know if it will visualise properly in the email sent to the user.
All other CRMs I’ve used have the option to send a test mail to myself in order to see how it looks and make any necessary changes (columns, image size, text length, etc.).
Using the templates would still be a hassle, as the test email and the bulk email would be sent separately and errors could occur. So, a test-mail feature would work wonders :slight_smile:

Same issue here! Anyone else?


+1, this would be very helpful!

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  • 1, I’d like to see that feature too

+1 Desi Manova, good call!