Stop promoting something you haven't yet launched

As a Monday customer we were recently sold the idea of upgrading to Sales CRM after seeing the benefits on one exciting feature that has been advertised. Most of you will be aware of the ability to do email multiple contacts through Monday CRM.

Sadly we have been miss sold this feature as it doesn’t seem to exist.

Has anyone else experienced this, if this elusive feature doesn’t exists we certainly havent been given it.

Please leet me know your thoughts

We just switched to the sales crm! What was the feature?

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Hi Rachel

It was this feature -

A member of their team even sold this to us, so we upgraded and guess what, no feature!

I inquired about this and it seems like it’s rolling out this week! So you should see it then.

Bummer that you were sold as it was live but should be quick. We’re excited for it for my group too.

Still waiting and still no release! :rage:

Hi Adrian,

We’re on the ‘old’ Monday, and I’ve been discussing this with support, and also tested this functionality in a new Monday trial account. It is limited to max 500 addresses per mail, max 2000 per day.
But the most important limitation is that it only works in the Contacts boards that is installed by default in the CRM. It will not work in any other board.