Mass emailing now on monday sales CRM 📩 (gradual release)

New feature in Gradual Release for our monday sales CRM product users: Bulk send emails in Emails and Activities :envelope_with_arrow:

In response to growing feedback about the inability to seamlessly reach multiple contacts via mass emails, our talented product team has developed a new feature to deliver customized, bulk emails via the Emails and Activities App.

With three quick clicks :sparkles: reach audiences at scale :sparkles: deliver personalized experiences and :sparkles: track the success of your email campaign :sparkles:

mass email visual (1)

To note:

:mag_right: This feature is currently in gradual release, so you may not see this feature in your account just yet but keep your eyes peeled!

:mag_right: This feature is only available to users who have purchased our Sales CRM Product.

Please share your feedback and excitement in the comments below :arrow_down:

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It is a great integration but it is a pity to have this functionality only with the CRM product making the cost of it very important.

I have a few questions though :

  • Does this allow to go over the limits of gmail in terms of number of sendings ?
  • Is html included ?
  • can an email adress be flagged as a favourite or dedicated to a board ? When having several email addresses connected, it is a pain to always to check the email sender and leads to many mistakes…


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Hi @Krunchy,

We appreciate this feedback and will go ahead and share this internally :pray:

As for your questions:

  • The limit of emails is 2000.
  • You are able to format your signature using HTML in the Emails and Activities App.
  • In regard to favouriting email addresses, are you referring to the emails that are connected to app (i.e. internal email addresses sending out emails) or emails you’re receiving from customers/clients etc?

Thanks for your answer Bianca.
Regarding the capacity of sending, does it mean 2000 emails can be sent in bulk Without waiting some time between two sending ?

For my email concern, I’m talking about the internal email that are connected through the gmail integration.

Best regards,

Hey @Krunchy - It is 2000 a day per email account for business emails, however batch emails will likely be limited to 500. Does this help?

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I’ve been sold this feature by your sales team, I have also made numerous attempts to get updates on why I have been sold a feature that hasn’t been fully launched.

Can you update as it seems the rest of your team are ignoring us

Hi Adrian - we sincerely apologise that you feel this way. This feature has now been fully released on our monday sales CRM product - are you unable to access the feature on your end? You’re welcome to send me a private message so I can investigate this for you :pray:

Is this feature available for those that are on the nonprofit plan?

Hi Bianca, thank you for responding, sadly you seem to be the only one in the company that wants to help, I am a Uk customer who recently upgrade and CRM to our work Management original account.

I can assure you I am not seeing this feature on our Sales CRM

Unless it’s just me the feature isn’t working does anyone else have the same issue. This is a real dealbreaker for out company if this doesn’t get resolved

Hi @BiancaT - It hasn’t been released to us yet (and we’re a Gold partner with ENT Sales CRM). Support says it’s still being released, with no ETA. Would you find out why some of us on this thread still don’t have access?

Hi everyone! I sincerely apologise for the misinformation here. Please allow me to follow up directly with our product team about the release date and confirm :pray:


We have had confirmation that this feature is in fact still in gradual release. I sincerely apologise for the miscommunication here everyone! The support article has been edited to include updated release information. We do not have a confirmed ETA in terms of when it will be fully released to all accounts, but do stay tuned. Thank you in advance for understanding!

Hey @mmckenna,

This feature will be available as a long as you have access to the sales CRM product. Please send me a private message so we can chat about this further on your NPO plan :pray:

Is there no way of tracking who has opened the emails rather than just a % that’s been opened etc?
Tracking is great but the minimum needs to have which email has opened it.

Is there any plans to add the ability to follow-up to a mass email directly in The only way I can do it now on the exact email thread is manually one at a time through outlook.