Mass emailing now on monday sales CRM 📩 (gradual release)

New feature in Gradual Release for our monday sales CRM product users: Bulk send emails in Emails and Activities :envelope_with_arrow:

In response to growing feedback about the inability to seamlessly reach multiple contacts via mass emails, our talented product team has developed a new feature to deliver customized, bulk emails via the Emails and Activities App.

With three quick clicks :sparkles: reach audiences at scale :sparkles: deliver personalized experiences and :sparkles: track the success of your email campaign :sparkles:

mass email visual (1)

To note:

:mag_right: This feature is currently in gradual release, so you may not see this feature in your account just yet but keep your eyes peeled!

:mag_right: This feature is only available to users who have purchased our Sales CRM Product.

Please share your feedback and excitement in the comments below :arrow_down:

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It is a great integration but it is a pity to have this functionality only with the CRM product making the cost of it very important.

I have a few questions though :

  • Does this allow to go over the limits of gmail in terms of number of sendings ?
  • Is html included ?
  • can an email adress be flagged as a favourite or dedicated to a board ? When having several email addresses connected, it is a pain to always to check the email sender and leads to many mistakes…


Hi @Krunchy,

We appreciate this feedback and will go ahead and share this internally :pray:

As for your questions:

  • The limit of emails is 2000.
  • You are able to format your signature using HTML in the Emails and Activities App.
  • In regard to favouriting email addresses, are you referring to the emails that are connected to app (i.e. internal email addresses sending out emails) or emails you’re receiving from customers/clients etc?

Thanks for your answer Bianca.
Regarding the capacity of sending, does it mean 2000 emails can be sent in bulk Without waiting some time between two sending ?

For my email concern, I’m talking about the internal email that are connected through the gmail integration.

Best regards,

Hey @Krunchy - It is 2000 a day per email account for business emails, however batch emails will likely be limited to 500. Does this help?

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