Monday CRM - E-Mails and Activities: Mass mailings via separate Domain

Hi there,

I wonder if it is possible to do mass mailings using a separate domain and get them tracked in the Monday E-Mails and Activities app?
We have as our main email address, but want to use for mass mailings (to avoid the risk of a bad domain reputation impacting everyday work).

I understood the following:

  • There is no mass mailing function within Monday CRM
  • I can use the E-Mails and Activities app to track any outgoing mail, however it only gets tracked if
    • The recipient is in the email column of the Monday board
    • The sender address is the main address of any linked account (no aliases allowed)
  • There is no API to create activities in the E-Mails and Activities app (so you cant track them “yourself”)

Is there any way to get these emails tracked?


Hey Anton! I’m Sasha from the CRM team- we are working to enable this through two big mass emailing features which will allow up to 2000 emails a day + email tracking and enabling email sequences.

We would love to hear your thoughts in this quick form (one question only!)


So why are you advertising it and your sales team telling customers like me that this feature is available already, we purchased sales CRM off the back of this and its not available.

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