Monday CRM - E-Mails and Activities: Mass mailings via separate Domain

Hi there,

I wonder if it is possible to do mass mailings using a separate domain and get them tracked in the Monday E-Mails and Activities app?
We have as our main email address, but want to use for mass mailings (to avoid the risk of a bad domain reputation impacting everyday work).

I understood the following:

  • There is no mass mailing function within Monday CRM
  • I can use the E-Mails and Activities app to track any outgoing mail, however it only gets tracked if
    • The recipient is in the email column of the Monday board
    • The sender address is the main address of any linked account (no aliases allowed)
  • There is no API to create activities in the E-Mails and Activities app (so you cant track them “yourself”)

Is there any way to get these emails tracked?


Hey Anton! I’m Sasha from the CRM team- we are working to enable this through two big mass emailing features which will allow up to 2000 emails a day + email tracking and enabling email sequences.

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