Make the Sales CRM API publicly accessible

Hi Monday Team,

please make the API at publicly accessible (e.g. using the Monday API token).

The “E-Mails and Activities” app is currently very limited in its tracking functionality (see [this post])(Monday CRM - E-Mails and Activities: Mass mailings via separate Domain). I would as a last resort be able to add own records via the api (which is not possible currently).

Use case:
For mass mailing, you currently need to use Make or Zapier. But if you do not send the E-Mails from your main domain (avoiding possible spam complaints) or just use an unsupported mail provider, there is no chance to track these E-Mails in the “E-Mails and Activities” timeline. It would however be easy if theres an api for that so you can track each email via an api call from Make/Zapier to the Monday API.

Possible solution (for my use case):
Enable us to make a POST request to the “notes” endpoint:

curl --request POST '' \
--header 'authorization: my-monday-api-token' \
--header 'Content-Type: text/plain' \
--data-raw '{"content":"<div><br></div><div>My email content</div>","boardId":0123456789,"itemId":0123456789,"name":"My Name","mentions":[]}'

Hi @anton1,

Thanks for sharing this feedback with us! I’ve added shared your request with our development team.

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