Importing activities into Email & Activities

I have lots of historical activities from an old CRM that I would like to import into Monday’s Email & Activities app. How should I go about importing these activities?

Normally I would use an API to solve a problem like this. It looks like Email & Activities doesn’t have a documented API, though. There is an open feature request for this.

It does have an undocumented API of sorts. When I use the Email & Activities app in a browser, I can inspect my outgoing HTTP requests, and I can make similar requests in code. This API is a little awkward to use (it needs a couple of temporary tokens that I have to grab from my browser session on, but I feel like it would “work”.

My main concern is that this API is undocumented and unsupported, and so it’s likely to change in the future without notice. However, I can’t think of another solution. There is too much data to import manually.

Is there a better solution?


@Matias.Monday do you have any guidance on this topic? We could really use some help here!


I have the same request. Need to bring in historic activity as migrating from an old CRM.

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